Título:Multi-objective Optimization of Column Flotation of an Igneous Phosphate Ore.
Autores: BARROZO, M. A. S.; LOBATO, F. S.
Revista:International Journal of Mineral Processing, 146, 82-89, 2015.
Resumo: In flotation process, the operating conditions underwhich the concentrate grade is high are the same conditions that lead to a lower recovery and selectivity. Thus, in the face of contradictory, but inherent characteristics of flotation phenomenon, it is necessary to apply appropriate techniques of multi-objective optimization in order to meet specific needs. In the present paper the Firefly Algorithm, associated with the Pareto dominance criterion and with an anti-stagnation operator, is used to determine the best operating conditions of the column flotation of an igneous apatite ore. The aim is to find the conditions that lead to a maximum P2O5 grade and recovery maximization, with adequate selectivity. The results indicated that the proposed approach was able to obtain the operating conditions which led to the best performances for this flotation process.

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