Título: Modeling of Fertilizer Drying in Roto-Aerated and Conventional Rotary Dryers.
Autores: ARRUDA, E. B.; LOBATO, F. S.; ASSIS, A. J.; BARROZO, M. A. S.
Revista: Drying Technology, 27, 1192-1198, 2009.
Resumo: This study analyzed the influence of the following parameters: overall volumetric heat transfer coefficient, coefficient of heat loss, drying rate, specific heat of the solid and specific heat of dry air on the prediction of a model for the fertilizer drying in rotary dryers. The method of parametric sensitivity using an experimental design was employed in this study. All parameters studied significantly affected the responses of the drying model. In general, the model showed greater sensitivity to the parameters drying rate and overall volumetric heat transfer coefficient.

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