Título: Improved Bees Colony Algorithm Applied to Chemical Engineering System Design.
Autores: LOBATO, F. S.; SOUSA, J. A.; HORI, C. E.; STEFFEN Jr, V.
Revista: International Review of Chemical Engineering, 6, 1-7, 2010.
Resumo: In the last decades, nature has been contributing to the development of new optimization algorithms. Among these ones, we can cite the Bees Colony Algorithm (BCA), which is based on the bees' colony behavior in search for food to the honey production. That approach combines global randomly search (through the performance of scout bees) with local search (by accentuated exploration of promising regions of search space) to solve the optimization problem. However, due to the architecture of the canonical algorithm described in the literature, the stagnation of the population around a local optimal represents a limitation of the technique. In this context, the aim of this work is to propose a strategy to prevent the stagnation of the population and, consequently, to increase the capacity of escaping the local optima. The proposed algorithm is then applied to solve mathematical functions and to a problem related to chemical engineering systems design. The results obtained demonstrate that the inclusion of this operator helps the algorithm to find the global optimal.

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