Título: Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer in a Fixed Bed Dryer.
Autores: SOUZA, G. F. M. V., MIRANDA, R. F., LOBATO, F. S., BARROZO, M. A. S.
Revista: Applied Thermal Engineering, 90, 38-44, 2015.
Resumo: This study evaluated the simultaneous heat and mass transfer between the air and soybean seeds in a fixed bed dryer in thick layer, using a two-phase model, with an adequate set of constitutive equations. The proposed model was solved numerically using the method of lines. The experimental data for seed moisture and temperature, and those of the drying air, obtained in a pilot unit at different positions along the bed, were compared to simulated results, indicating good agreement. Process heterogeneity along the fixed bed dryer was also analyzed.

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