Tí­tulo: Development of an Educational Environment by Using Graphical User Interfaces Applied to Heat Transfer Problems
Autores: LOBATO, F. S.; AROUCA, F. O.; LIBOTTE, G. B.
Revista: Latin-American Journal of Physics Education, 15(1), 1311-1319, 2021.
Resumo: In the last few decades, the development of computational tools has made the approach of more complex case studies in chemical engineering classrooms more accessible, such as the simulation of nonlinear problems, assessment of the sensitivity of input parameters in certain models and analysis of physical behavior considering different operating conditions in a system. In this context, the use of graphical user interfaces represents a typical example of this type of computational tool that makes classes more dynamic and allows for greater understanding by students, even in more complex problems. In this work, it is proposed to use graphical user interfaces, developed in Scilab, to improve learning and engagement in the analysis of heat transfer problems in chemical engineering classrooms. For this purpose, two classical case studies are simulated and analyzed using the proposed tools. The first considers the heat transfer in solids and the second considers the Gurney-Lurie charts. The results obtained demonstrate that the use of graphical user interfaces allows some difficulties to be avoided, such as the understanding and implementation of numerical methods necessary to solve some problems, besides facilitating the understanding of different physical aspects, since it provides a visually simplified environment for carrying out different simulations with varied parameter values and easy access to graphical results.

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